Ghraybeh- Arabic Shortbread Cookies (S Cookies)

These buttery shortbread cookies seem to appear in various parts of the Middle East with different names. Throughout the Arab world they are known as Ghraybeh, shaped either as the letter ‘S’ or as a diamond. In Greece these are known as Kourabiedes. In Armenia they are known as Kourabia. When my husband was a…… Continue reading Ghraybeh- Arabic Shortbread Cookies (S Cookies)

Valentine’s Day Delights!

I have never really been a froofy Valentine’s Day type that expected flower petals in my bathtub, lingerie and perfumes, but I do love a mean box of chocolates! Lately though, a lot of my beloved chocolates have been hijacked. Transfat (disguised as partially hydrogetated oils) high fructose corn syrup (most likely GMO) and even…… Continue reading Valentine’s Day Delights!