Tamriyeh- Palestinian Style Beignets

Sometimes, the best discoveries are off the beaten path. It was a sweltering day in the Palestinian city of Ramallah, and I was with a tour group exploring the architecture of gorgeous limestone homes in the middle of their downtown. One of my uncles in the group motioned me to a corner shop, where this…… Continue reading Tamriyeh- Palestinian Style Beignets

Hilbeh – Fenugreek Cake Recipe by Grandma Reva

Arabs throughout history had an uncanny ability to incorporate foods with medicinal properties into dishes. Many times superfoods like fenugreek are not palatable and almost bitter on their own. But the health properties of fenugreek are too massive to ignore, so Palestinians figured out how to put this seed into a popular cake called Hilbeh. …… Continue reading Hilbeh – Fenugreek Cake Recipe by Grandma Reva