The Ultimate Grilled Pita Sandwich- Arayes!

Let me give you a visual of one of my camping trips from childhood in Blue Lake, California. Imagine a large campground next to the lake. The sky is a deep blue, pink, and crimson red at sunset. My father fires up the grill, then retreats to a lawn chair, tabla in hand playing some…… Continue reading The Ultimate Grilled Pita Sandwich- Arayes!

Arayes….”Bride and Groom” Sandwiches

The silhouette of a bride and groom locked in a tender embrace is undeniably romantic. The white feminine billowy dress against the sharper lines of a dark masculine tuxedo is celebrated universally, captured in photo albums around the world. No better reason than to commemorate this embrace with a sandwich!   Ara’yes, literally means bride…… Continue reading Arayes….”Bride and Groom” Sandwiches