Fancy Food Show Highlights and New Nutrition Series!

Hope everyone is enjoying the New Year so far. I started it out with a bang at the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco! The Fancy Food Show is a multi-block convention center filled to the brim with every food trend you ever thought imaginable.  This year the predominant food trends seemed to be primal protein bars, cassava products, artisanal chocolates, and matcha drinks and desserts.  This event is open to food merchants and purveyors from around the world, all vying for attention from the buyers scouting the latest and greatest to line their supermarket shelves and restaurants.

I represented Sadaf Foods yet again, and to be honest we were the only ones offering a savory square meal on a plate in a sea of sugary samples! Sadaf launched the first ever frozen Persian style kabobs, and we managed to give out at least 300 plates of it per day for 3 solid days!  I only work for companies I believe in, and I love Sadaf because not only are their ingredients the best quality for Middle Eastern staples, they are a sweet family run company.  To share this experience with you and bring you along virtually, I did a live video feed from the event, showing serving suggestions for this new kabob and answering viewer questions below:



And because many of you enjoyed my series on nutrition and intermittent fasting, I thought I would introduce a new series on my channel called “Self Care Saturdays” where I share health tips to be your best self. This first episode I decided to tackle the myths of the ketogenic diet, and how sometimes even celebrities like Jillian Michaels can lead people down the wrong path.  This is just an experimental series for now. Depending on how many likes, shares, comments and views I get,  I will determine whether to keep this going. So are you ready for the first episode? Click on the video below:





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    1. I like the premise of it, because it is like an elimination diet that focuses on whole unprocessed foods. When you do a diet that emphasizes elimination first, you can really tune in to how certain foods make you feel and how your body responds from fatigue, skin issues, etc.

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